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Is a word used to call somebody a goat and certified gangsta and will whoop ass in any means and is the leader of any movement and is never a follower. This name is also used for a person that is gangsta and makes sure that the whole team is fed and has what they need. This name was also given to king von in prison when he was locked up. R.i.p king von you will be missed
That boy is a grandson this man whoop 7niggas asses in the same day
by saysfuck.shit December 13, 2020
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mean to type so much in a girl dms shell let you smash the booty tooty fruit any time it mean to shoot yo shoot with a girl very well
damn girl can i type the pipe because that ass fat and you fine
by saysfuck.shit May 4, 2020
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a word used to call people out for doing dum mest up shit they were told not to do
howie rosemen is a bitch danny dumn ho for drafting a no talented player like jaylen hurts
by saysfuck.shit May 4, 2020
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when a female knows that you like her then jumps into a relationship and everybody knows about it and she does not give a single fuck about your feelings also she will let you suffer in pain while she spends time with her man and not even check up on you she also goes out and party gets drunk and does dangerous shit
That female sani.fav is a goddamn shit pole she jumped into a relationship and let another man who liked her suffer while she takes them backshots from that light skin lonzo ball as nigga
by saysfuck.shit December 13, 2020
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a word often used by blastphamoushd when reffering to someone wanting to do anal with another human being or just straight up prison rape to be exact Prison is what it is most commonly used for.
He got caught trying to do butt stuff with that girl down allegany
by saysfuck.shit December 13, 2020
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a man that slaps his meat onto another object or human being and gives 0fucks
nigga you a swing ding
by saysfuck.shit December 13, 2020
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Is when a female puts your nuts in her hand and licks and sucks the magic stick until you nut then when you do she takes the nut and puts it in a jar and sits it in her house somewhere as if they were ashes and calls it her kids then when she wants to get pregnant she fertlizes it
Can you do a nut wish please during sex lady...we gon have to edit that out.
by saysfuck.shit December 13, 2020
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