(n) Opposite of smartphone. A cellphone which has little or no advanced features such as a large, bright screen, or applications such as Email and Web browsing.
Cingular wanted to sell me a $399 Pocket PC with an $80-a-month unlimited voice and data contract, but I told them to stick it. I bought a free-after-rebate dumbphone instead.
by flyingfish November 25, 2006
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Opposite of a smartphone. Generally has lower specs than a smartphone in terms of screen size, wireless connectivity, storage space etc. However the critical differentiator is that there is no development environment that allows any third party applications to be installed (other than java midlets which are very limited). Manufacturers and networks call them 'feature phones'.

This is a near-exhaustive list of smartphone OSes. If a phone doesn't use something on this list it is probably a dumbphone:

* Android
* Window Mobile
* iPhone
* Blackberry
* Palm OS
* Symbian
All Nokia S40 phones are dumbphones.
by timmmm3d March 30, 2010
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A phone that can only call or text.
For some dumbphones, maybe not even text.
by A cup of potato juice February 18, 2013
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A phone that is considered worse than other phones for reasons such as having a very tiny storage space, a smaller screen, not being able to download most apps, etc.
person 1: i just found my old dumbphone
person 2: is it really that bad to be called a dumbphone?
person 1: yes, it has 16GB storage space, takes way too long to load websites, apps that can be downloaded usually dont work, doesnt have emojis, and finally-
person 2: that is definitely a dumbphone, i am sorry for saying its not.
by axolotldoesstuff_0 January 9, 2022
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Stop prodding your dumbphone for two minutes and try engaging with the endlessly fascinating world around you.
by DrDFoster May 14, 2015
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When a person with an outdated smartphone, compromises their life to work around the phone’s limitations.
"This guy on the train was dumbphoning so hard that the whole carriage could hear him getting dumped through his busted speaker phone."
by chepsyd January 31, 2019
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What happens when your smartphone dies and you have to go back to your "dumbphone".
I dropped my iPhone in the toilet... (you'd be suprised how many people do this) and within minutes I was Dumbphoned!
by eenofonn February 13, 2010
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