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pejorative. referring to contempt of or disagreement with both politicians and views that are associated with the United States of America Democratic political party. Note that the usage has arisen with the party nomination and subsequent election of President Barack Hussein Obama though earlier examples can be found; legislative acts or proposals thereof that are characterized by wasteful, selfish gratification that is irrespective of social or fiscal cost and ultimately devoid of the responsibility from resulting negative consequences; ineffectual public policy that will require remediation by others at a later date with ultimate greater costs.
The dumbocrat President's impeachment merely reinforced the public perception that his party is not capable of governing.
by FrankBlack10023 January 25, 2009
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(1) Fools who believe that it takes a village. Oh Hillary Clintons book says... (2) People who want more taxes for more social services, yet don't want to pay any more taxes themselves. (3) A person that lives any way they want but thinks they have the right, no, the obligation to tell everyone else how to live. (4) Anyone who utters the phrase "save the children".
(1) I won't accept the responsibility of raising my own children. I am such a dumbocrat! (2) Reporters are saying that dumbocrats nation wide believe that throwing more money at the problem will help settle things. (3) I'll tell you what your problem is, you are not a dumbocrat! (4) Yep, them dumbocrats are using the children as pawns again.
by kingmarki December 08, 2006
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One who promotes the Democratic Party’s destructive agenda and misleading rhetoric, while lacking the ability to fully understand either.
Some prominent Dumbocrats are Janeane Garofalo, Robert Gibbs, Sean Penn and Nancy Pelosi.
by guntoter July 22, 2009
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Someone who jumped on the Democrat Party bandwagon because of all the anti-war hype. Dumbocrats are generally against the war because of lives lost but they support abortion. A dumbocrat is not a Democrat who is against the war because they are pro-terrorist--there's probably another word for that.
Joe: Arianna Huffington is such a dumbocrat.

Barack: I wish she would bark about something more than the lives lost. Like she ain't had no abortion. She's losin' votes.

Joe: She shoulda been aborted.

by jackwayd October 07, 2008
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Naive person lacking intelligence and information willing to vote for anyone who promises them something for free.
"I am so scared. "

"What are you afraid of love?"

"I am afraid a majority of Dumbocrats will steal my lifes savongs.:

"Why would they do that love?"

"They would do it for a vote. Haven't you watched the news lately?"
by Gregaroidson. April 10, 2019
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