One of the 2 dominant parties in the United States. Out of the 2 the Democrat Party seems to be more hypocritical and less unifying, as seen in Bidens' speech that took place a few days ago, he was being so divisive whist pretending he was unifying.
"I'm a part of the Democrat Party"
by Dark Brandon September 4, 2022
Ignorant misnomer for Democratic Party, used by uneducated rubes and by certain cynical politicians who recognize their constituency to be made up largely of uneducated rubes.
“We must win,” Sarah Palin said, “because Ohio, the far-left wing of the Democrat Party, not mainstream Democrat ideology, the values, the planks in the platform of the Democrat Party. It's the far-left wing of the party is getting ready to take over the entire federal government.”
by crassiodorus January 19, 2009
A party that consists of two warring groups. The first have known as blue dog conservative democrats consisting of 2 dollar whores who suckle the corporate interests and bathe in the corruption created in the absence of liberal red cat republicans and the extinction of moderate republicans long purged by the ghost of Ronald Reagan to fuel his inevitable resurrection for the end of days

The second half consisting Liberal Progressives who hold the Radical Idea of maintaining government for the people, working class, and using tax dollars to maintain a functioning government instead, the Wealthy Feudal Corporate Overlords and a Industrial Military Complex as decreed by the Natural Order.

One need not fear such an event occurring so long as the Republicans and the Blue Dogs(aka Diet republicans). Maintain the facade of a 2 party democracy to protect the Oligarchy. Such protections include democrats bending over backwards to bipartisanly give republicans 99% of what they desire, tax breaks for the wealthy, Pay to prevent Progressive movements, DarkMoney, Gas lighting , Voter suppression, Media Blackouts, Calling people who worked in the Civil and Women's rights Movements racists or sexist.
Democratic Party loves to Gas Light Progressives
by Pippin Jay August 17, 2019
A worthless political party filled with idiotic morons that voted for a racist b word. They hate Republicans just because they are smart and they know things that illegal president Joe Biden doesn't. And besides, did anyone see Biden falling up the stairs?

List of Democrats
Joe Biden
Barack Obama
Kamayla Harris
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
by The Bible Theorist May 5, 2021
A party that largely makes accurate decisions while maintaining an open mind and aids in the lives of everyone.
"Did you go to that kegger?"
"Nah, I went to a Democratic Party."
"That's wicked gay!"
"They gave out free abuse flyers!"
by Alexa Henault May 18, 2007
( since Bill Clinton and beyond): a failed social experiment that's designed to make you pay for woketopia
The democratic party since Bill Clinton has failed to adapt lbj's and Kennedy's social ideas to the modern world.
by Sexydimma March 27, 2021