1. The act of making a relatively intelligent statement dumber.

2. The act of re-writing an incredibly eloquent sounding paper, before its submission, that was not written by yourself (but was written by a person you trust will perform the task at hand by the deadline), and making it sound dumber, so that your professor does not realize you did not write the entire paper yourself. You do this for three reasons: 1) you're too lazy to verbalize your intelligence on a daily basis, 2) you avoid any wild suspicion of his/hers that you did not preform the assignment yourself, and 3) you're smart enough to dumbify the already well-written sentences so that you do not increase your professors expectations for your work in the future
Me: alright i'll start on your paper tonight, you're gonna owe me big

Him: its OK, my essay was horrible so anything else is icing

Me: Does that mean I have to dumb it down that much more, because thats gonna cost extra

Him: Lol Nah I'll dumbify it myself some
by IDoVerbalizeMyIntelligence March 17, 2010
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to use slang instead of the english lanuauge
to use ignorance all the time in speech
to do stupid shit
I was dumbify as I told dat bitch she ain't shit.
You were dumified when you used nothing but curses in your converstation.
by Chocolate2591 October 24, 2009
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