A slutty drag queen that doesn't think of you at all. She will put on a god damn show and has no reason to Rupologize for any of her stunts. Bye.
William Belli was amazing!
There's no extra I in Willam...
by clayton.mp3 August 27, 2017
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Not a good friend to hang around, mostly doesn't care about anything your saying, most of the time he just starts to hate you, i would never want to meet him, has the voice of jeffy, which is the only good thing, he is very retarded, and a nerd, reads millons of books all the time, nobody likes him because of him being nice, only because he annoys.

If you see Willam never talk to him!
Willam, Not a good friend, doesn't care.
by Tryloping July 28, 2019
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usually a formal last name but often the holder of the last name is usually very very very dirty minded, and the person is THIC and eats chicken nuggets for a living, and depressed.
person 1: who is that willams kid over there?
person 2 : that is mr.thic he eats chicken nuggets
by ii-idfc-ii October 28, 2020
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The most fierce, talented, and fishy drag queen celebrity. The bitch worked with Rihanna, and was guest starring on like 30 shows. Willam is a successful drag queen and as Willam would say "i'm not some queen that has to show for a dollar" and Willam's catchphrase "Goddammit"
Person 1: I think I know Willam Belli...
Person 2: You must have a television.....
by Alison Wonderf**k January 04, 2014
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pulling a willam refers to doing something against the rules and getting asked to leave.

Also could mean going out without an undergarment and flashing people your privates.
Guy: 'look shes pulling a Willam'

Guy 2: 'i can see her slip n' slide'

guy 3: 'omg, becky pulled a total Willam last night'

guy 4: 'So thats why she was asked to leave'
by white_rabbit_alice February 19, 2013
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