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A term used by many to make fun of someone's intelligence or suggest that they are dumb.
You are such a dumbell.
by Shadower July 03, 2006
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a Feckless, Shameless, Coward whose purpose in Life is to please Donald J. Trump with Oral Praise and Bullshit Compliments. ( Noun ).
Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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by FortunateSun October 24, 2019
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Is the act of lying on a person's back and fingering two girls sitting with each hand.
I dumbell'd them dude.
by BrokenDragon December 06, 2015
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Dumbells is a word that combines dumb and bells, as you might've put together dumb bells are some fucked up bells.
Red necks use this word more then richer people.
"Them dumbells won't stop ringing"

"I'll lift these here dumb bells then take them to the trash"
by NONO NOT MY NAME July 27, 2006
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