N. 1.)A person that uses wall hacks and/or Aim Bots.

2.)Generally, someone that is 1337.

Note: A common misconception is that just because you pwn at one map doesnt mean you are a h4x0rz or that you are 1337.
I can pwn soo meny n00bs width these h4xz!!!11
by Danny Grant July 11, 2004
One who is skilled in the art of h4xlng(hacking). A real hacker does not commit malicious acts. One who does that is known as a cracker(this is not a lie) or a black hat h4x0rz.
Whats wrong with my computer! I need to call some h4x0rz!
by mr. white hat April 27, 2008
comes from the 1337 word h4x, mean one who can or does h4x.
"You are a ub3r h4x0rz."
by matt January 12, 2003
those h4x0rz were so ub3r ski11ed!!!11
by scot with one t May 1, 2003
One who changes the format of one's video card to make one's walls invisible --scammell
please idle #h4x0rz on irc
by john scamm November 29, 2003
y0 M@n T0$ H4X0RZ $t0Le My $0uRcE
by Kitty Basher March 9, 2004
A jerk off who uses scripts/trojans/cracks to gain an advantage over other players in an on-line game. Phrase coined in Couter-Strike.
dOOd1: That fucker just shot me through the wall!
dOOd2: That's because he is the H4x0rz, Jim.
by Ryan Blake April 13, 2006