A black person who can't keep a .5 GPA.
Yo he got 4 f's...he a dumb nigga.
by Mike March 22, 2005
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word used by Rapper Lil Ronny in his song (Go Crazy) to describe someone who says something stupid.
"Dumb nigga, watch me go crazy untill im done nigga."
Rico: I got robbed by some homeless niggas!
Dj: Omg, you a Dumb Nigga.
by OHHManGawdDamn April 13, 2019
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When a nigga say some shit that’s so dumb that he needs to take a whole-ass class to realize how dumb he is.
Guy 1: Hey bro you know the earths flat
Guy 2: Bro are you fucking retarded? Please apply at dumb nigga university
by bruinsboy July 19, 2020
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The hours when a person is prone to act irrationally and behave foolishly. Usually, dumb nigga hours begin when substances such as cannabis and alcohol are involved. Also known as “geekin” or “foolin”, DNH is abetted by people trying to make their friends laugh or to show off on social media.
“Yo John, remember when you took a snapchat of that big-booty girl walking in front of us, but your camera sound was on, and she turned around? LMAO"

“Bro, I was high af, and dumb nigga hours just started”
by Dich Luong October 1, 2017
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That guy who doesn't know what he's talking about but tries to sound like he does. Not very bright, doesn't make any sense (though he thinks he's really profound, on to something, etc.). He's not lying to you, he simply doesn't know any better, but will insist he's right, which makes him not worth the trouble of setting straight. Yes, THAT guy.

A very on-point term (coined by comedian Katt Williams in The Pimp Chronicles pt 1), because we all know one...or more.
Examples of smart dumb niggas would be:
-the chick who insists her Infiniti Q45 is front wheel drive when it's really rear drive
-the guy who spells the word "ludicrous" like the name of the rapper Ludacris
-most people who say overstand or conversate
-one who knows the Bible like the palm of his hand but argues the Earth is only 6000 years old
-most conspiracy theorists

You know a smart dumb nigga when you see one basically.
by Kuahmel December 26, 2009
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english spoken by a dumb nigga
“Man you speaking dumb nigga english.”

“Whats that?”

“The words comin out your mouth right now”
by lmaooioooo June 22, 2018
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a nigga who’s mainly known for being a smart or intellectual person but makes dumb decisions
Person 1: Aye bruh I’m finna go tap shawty without a condom
Person 2: Nigga you too smart to be doing shit like this you a Smart-Dumb Nigga
by EmperorRei June 4, 2020
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