A stupid or annoyingly ignorant person.
The dullard would not stop his incessant ranting on the subject until I outwardly corrected him on his incorrect data.
by Larstait November 16, 2003
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Boring, annoying and frequently idiotic omnipresent being that has at least one of its species in every institution. Usually parasitic and tries to attach itself to your leg and will lap up anything which sounds like praise that you toss at it. Master of inane conversations, highly sensitive. Usually has a need to prove its self-worth.
The dullard tried to prove her coolness by wearing the same clothes as everyone else, then became upset when met with a "meh".
by follocks April 17, 2005
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Totally boring bastard who constantly harps on about complete and utter shite. Lot of Dullards are cyber warriors and rarely get out into the real world.
by AWOL Admin October 23, 2007
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one step up from being a piece of shit.
james t lemaster is a total dullard, one step up from being a piece of shit.
by THE SNAKE 2 HOLE January 20, 2008
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male - *pulls down pants*
chick - woah, your a dullard, take me.
by bradlley anderson March 1, 2009
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The cheat code to unlock the extra gore feature in the megadrive version of Mortal Kombat

but I wouldn't bother, it's shite
Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down
by vmos February 9, 2004
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A common foe whom is found in most places of the world. The person to dullard ratio is probobly around 1:20. A dullard usually follows people around, noses into what you are doing. And usually sucks at everything,
" So what courses are you taking next year? Yea, I was gonna do that, you shouldn't take that, So I'm the leading scorer of my host league hockey team..."
by oojuu April 5, 2003
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