What your dad did when he saw you being birthed.
by Sir Dr. Shitface December 24, 2018
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Left is the opposite of right.
by TJAuto December 13, 2010
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Shorter version of saying "out of left field". Slang meaning "unexpectedly", "odd", or "strange".
Person 1: Hey, good morning.
Person 2: Hi. Good morning to you, too. Do you ever think about how we're all going to die.
Person 1: That was fucking left- uh, okay.
by gdnottherealdragon April 11, 2019
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Political side that is overly sensitive and likes to think its liberal, tries to fight modern problems but creates new ones instead
See Jimmy over there, hes a fuckin lefty commie
by NegroNut69 booiiiiiiii May 11, 2018
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To "leave" someone after they have said or done something irrelevant, stupid or nonfactual.
Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan. "LEFT"
by bbbiggs June 20, 2011
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The Left is a term to describe those with an liberal ideology opposite from the conservative right. The left is made up of the main steam media, the majority of college universities, Scientist, & educated adults who act politically correct because its correct.

The Left is not very religious bc they prefer their beliefs to be guided by science and facts.

Left Wing Liberals are significantly influenced by research, statistics and scientific proof. This is opposed to conservative right wingers who are influenced by religion, relative morality, and their and only their culture.

Most of the Right will not give up on their beliefs or convictions. This blind "faith" in their "beliefs largely discourages them from learning (science), evolving (climate change), or believing in progressive change (women's rights & lgbt rights).
Only Left Wing Libtards voted for Hilary Clinton. I could not vote for a Democrat after 8 years of hell with Obummer Obama!
by M1ster Sm1th September 28, 2019
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Synonyms- not right, moronic, ignorant.
Antinyms- right, correct, intelligence.
A law firm in new york city refused to accept someone because he was left handed. . . the ancients considered left a horrible and uncivilized thing, and this idea obviously remains today.
by Drew January 22, 2005
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