Basically a Fukwit, who is trained to read a script but doesn't have a clue what it means.
Is trained to fill in the blanks or input three basic entries of information to get an answer then makes out he/she is the "Lord of All Information and shall not be passed"
Dullard: 'The computer says that that will be 'x' amount available.'

You: 'But you started your conversation with'y' amount.'
Dullard: 'Yes, but the answer is 'x'
You: 'How ?'
Dullard: 'Because that's what it tells me'
by WoodeyRu April 26, 2017
A dullard is some one who's dull, and often says the most stupidest yet funny things ever. kayleighs, are often known to be dullards.
''Omg you're such a dullard'' ''yeah well I am called kayleigh!''
by iBenDavies September 13, 2011
A person from Newcastle who has no idea..
Micky is a complete dullard as he has never heard of Lost.
by UrbanGinger March 16, 2015
The worst person in the world

Loves Lucian and wants to go in the bedroom with him

That made a happy meal cry
and while cutting the onions made the onions cry
Charli Dullard is so gay that she is gay
by EMOOOOOOOOOO June 12, 2022