2 definitions by follocks

Boring, annoying and frequently idiotic omnipresent being that has at least one of its species in every institution. Usually parasitic and tries to attach itself to your leg and will lap up anything which sounds like praise that you toss at it. Master of inane conversations, highly sensitive. Usually has a need to prove its self-worth.
The dullard tried to prove her coolness by wearing the same clothes as everyone else, then became upset when met with a "meh".
by follocks April 17, 2005
Pretty decent west coast store with clothing-some nice, some boring. their clothes are not too small.... there are people who after all bother to keep in shape. Is bitched about by people who have nothing better to do than stand in their flocks and declare that they are not sheep. (HA!)
Person: Oh i can totally fit into this skirt.
Person: I just had two. *smiles*
Whiner: Bitch.
by follocks April 21, 2005