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The act of fondling young girls while they sleep. To be a duggar.
He was arrested for two counts of duggary. They really should put sick duggars like this on the sex offender registry.
by Nix Nightbird May 24, 2015
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Multiple acts of sexual molestation of a minor sleeping sister.
He should have been arrested on four counts of duggary, but instead, was sent to help a friend build houses.
by argguti June 10, 2015
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The act of touching young ladies inappropriately while they are sleeping.
Not to be confused with skullduggery which is what pirates do, which may possibly include male on male duggary and even buggery
John's girlfriend fell asleep watching the movie so we all had a quick bit of duggary.

My step-daughter came home drunk last night and passed out on the couch. I duggared her and fapped about it afterwards.

A wonderful thing is a duggar, a duggar's a wonderful thing, you wait til your sister is sleeping, and then diddle her snatch with your finger.
by Slap the Penguin June 08, 2015
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Duggary refers to when a person (usually an atheist) was anal fucked so traumatically by a Catholic Priest as a child, that they since have developed an irrational hatred towards all Christians because of it.
Most internet atheists are atheists because of the duggary they suffered as children. They're taking all their anger out on religious people for what one Catholic Priest (who probably wasn't even a real Catholic) did to them.

Dan Savage suffered from duggary, as a child he was anal raped to near death by a Catholic Priest.
by dsidf1 June 06, 2015
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