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1) Of, relating to, resembling, or affected by scurvy

2) The online pseudonym of the guy who does many things online. Creator of Jennifer's Quest, DeBUG Inc, DiWF, to name a few things. He's well-known for doing BKS, and is also linked to the online games "Get Tiffany" and "Habbo Hotel".
1) "They counteracted the fatal consequences of scurvy and particularly of blood loss through the scorbutic vascular wall"

2) "Scorbutic is a great guy, I wonder what he'll do next"
by Benjamin May 24, 2004
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Your favorite football teams starting quarterback throws a late game interception that loses the game.
Tony Romo, in practically every game he plays in. Romoception.
by Benjamin October 6, 2013
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it is another way to say "ROAR" this is a more dignified and all around respected version of it though.
"im afraid that something is going to pop out and scare me daddy..."
"RAOR!!!!" said the monster
by Benjamin December 22, 2004
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A term of reference used by the already rich to describe people who had the audacity to become rich by actually working for it rather than by patronage and inheritance.

One could argue that the only validity of the derogatory moniker is for those who have more money than class - but then that could be said of the more traditional rich.
This ski resort is full of nouveau riche!
by Benjamin March 27, 2005
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it is a word comonly used for hasish
lets go to the 'gak shack' to smoke some gak
by Benjamin April 21, 2005
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1. adj. Pertaining to a flagrant homosexual action.

2. noun. A sauce made by a person that is homosexual.
"Dammit Jeff! Keep your eyes on your own urinal. You're being hella gaysauce."

Elton John garnished his spaghetti with a touch of gaysauce made from his Grandmother's old recipe.
by Benjamin February 26, 2005
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A brown poopy substance containing large particles of waiste.
I pooped brown butt chunks on my turtle in the toilet.
by Benjamin April 29, 2003
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