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Refers to someone who is extraordinarily dumb, as exhibited by extraordinarily bad choices.

It just refers to someone who is exraordinarily dumb. A derivative of "dumbfucks" from the latin dummass frickinious idiotus.

Dude was a total duffus and used gasoline to start his charcoal for the picnic! Hence the fire department and paramedics
by DustyDude June 03, 2015
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Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it."
The client changed the deadline to today? Well, it is what it is.
by A. Danish November 27, 2007
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Name for the worst people in existence, also name for vagina or something thats broken.
Duff: "My name is @##$ Duffus"
Bystandard: "How do you sleep at night"
by Patrick!@#$%%^^ April 13, 2006
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A long, thick, uncircumcised penis; The best sex any member of the female species could hope for.
That guy had quite the duffus!

I had some duffus last night..... it was phenomenal!
by imsothug April 29, 2011
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To absolutely fucking murk a mans with your bare mitts.
Mi yute Iā€™m bouta straight duffus this mandem ahlieeee.
by Macdaddy93 June 28, 2018
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