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To perform any action, or partake in any activity you would not do unless at a high level of intoxication, and usually regret the action afterwards.
Kev: Did you what happened at the last FFF?

Dave: No, what?

Kev: Duffin got drunk and claimed he was an ominpotient 'sort of thing'

Dave: I know dude, I filmed it!
by David Read January 28, 2008
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To Duffin, is to either
1)DR/Disrespect some1
2) Make an ass of urself
Guy 1: you just duffin'd Sean
Guy 2: you just made a Duffin of urself

by seaniebabi March 26, 2008
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Name giving to a food (snack, dessert, sweet) that results from the combination of making Donuts and Muffins. The converging result form a new substance sweet in taste and soft in texture. Usually Delicious!
My wife made some tasty donut muffins (aptly named duffins). Please come and enjoy one!
by The Definition Giver April 11, 2011
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Another word for fapping. Regional term used mostly in the south aka Augusta GA. Best used when you wanna speak nasty yet discreetly.
*while in Applebee’s surrounded by children and old people* “Girl when I got home last night my bf was duffin up a storm

“Drew was duffin hard to that bukkake video”
by Bukkakeeeee February 07, 2019
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