A verb indicating that you are currently working your shift at convergys.
Steve called and asked Lance if he wanted to come chill and smoke. Lance replied, "Sorry man, I'm converging right now"
by scuba February 13, 2005
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A brilliant hardcore band with possibly the best lyrics in the genre.
Did you see the Converge show last week? It was fuckin' sick.
by Danagon October 26, 2004
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When two people sharing a double ended dildo slide all the way on and meet in the middle.
Sam and Ben worked their way down the double ended dildo towards one another until their balls touched and their convergence was complete.
by Pseudoephedrineonym June 15, 2011
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when people all meet in one place for something
the hippies converged on san francisco
by narin June 4, 2004
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the coming together of two farts to create a super fart
When Bill and Tom farted, Karen was stuck in the area of the Convergence.
by ps8110bill March 28, 2009
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When two anal gas excretions are mixed together to make one smell so horrible that it causes someone to pass out.
After Tom and Bill get done saddlebacking each other for hours on end, they like to end their romantic session by creating a big convergence for themselves from their newly stretched anal parts. Then they hold and caress each other softly while they slowly drift off to sleep.
by RockaRolla20 May 27, 2009
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The act of bringing two penis tips together. A commonly enjoyed homosexual act, it is used to give both partners the feeling of "domination" that many crave. Many describe the experience as an explosive reaction that immediately results from the feel of another penis's tip. The explosion is a powerful wave that knocks both partners back in a sea of pleasure, leaving both exhausted and satisfied.
The explosive mess left by our convergence was only a sweet reminder of the mind-blowing effect that two penis heads can have on each other.

Dad: What were you doing with your friend the other night? Son: Converging dad, all the guys are doing it! Dad: Haha, I know. It just reminds me of my crazy days of Penis touching, boy did I spend hours cleaning up after those nights!
by Grow an inch a year March 30, 2012
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