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Short for Finger Free February, it’s a challenge where a woman is tested of her will power to not masturbate or have sex for a whole month. You are allowed to get turned on, watch porn and suck dick .As long as you don’t yeet your finger up your vagina or do wtf you do with your clitoris
Person 1: Bro you in for FFF?
Person 2: Nah I have a tinder date on Saturday.
Person 1: Nah don’t be a mf cunt, you gotta
by Highkeyhyperbitch November 2, 2019
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Flat Foreign Females (Internet slang, chat)

An Abbreviation used by U.S. teens/young people to refer to a non-U.S. woman or girl who has a small breast size and who behaves in a submissive, envious and adoring way when she meets U.S. women/girls with a more feminine body shape and a larger breast size than her own. This quite a rude internet slang Abbreviation is commonly used by Caucasian U.S. teens
"There were a number of FFF at the Pool Party."
by Jess_Houston_TX April 19, 2015
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Goal for the FFF.
by 25IMF June 29, 2019
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FFF may be used in reference to online multiplayer gaming ladders, which rank players based on their wins and losses.
"That person has a high FFF"
by Sup ma G December 2, 2018
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forbidden-fruit factor
This is the thing that makes any one of your girlfriend/boyfriend's good friends and best friends 10x more attractive than they've ever been before because of the fact that you can never have them.
This makes people you'd normally not be attracted to seem even hot at times.
Single guy: Dude, Becky and Sierra are like 5's.
Taken guy: It's the FFF man; they're at least 8's in my eyes now.
by A pro mindsterbator January 12, 2011
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