Any person who has grey hair; Any person who spends 5 minutes stepping off a curb; Any person who can't, for crime's sake, drive faster than 25 miles per hour anywhere.
Holy Shiite! I almost ran into that dang duffer. He can't even see over the steering wheel, let alone the speedometer! Take the bus! Crime!!
by Gemilie August 15, 2006
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A name for Velcro running shoes that look like the type an old person would wear.
Those shoes you got from the thrift store are real duffers!
by Whistlinphil February 14, 2016
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A sifting device used to remove shake and/or B Buds from finished A grade cannabis buds. Usually jury-rigged on the farm from chicken wire and random materials or can be purchased in stores made from plastic. Used by shaking cannabis in the sifter until separated.
"I've got this pound you wanted, but they have quite a bit of shake in em. Do you have a duffer?"
by Little Salt August 07, 2020
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