Jun 16 Word of the Day
Abbreviation for “Dude Arguing Online”.

Plural: “DAOs”

Coined by Twitter user @karakittel.
Would the internet exist without DAOs? Sadly, I don’t think so.
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by monkeylabor June 13, 2021
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someone who did something stupid or made a stupid mistake
kid cries: "awww mummy i fell over!"
mum: "aww its alright you silly duffer!"
by thurgoona April 21, 2010
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A poor golfer who continues to play often even though he can't hit the ball
Look at that duffer; he's already taken 8 strokes on the hole.
by Dan Stearns June 02, 2005
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The Designated Ugly Fat Friend found in a group of girls out on the town. She may be a Cockblocker unless your group of guys has someone drunk enough to take her attention away from ruining your night.
"Hey Joe, you take care of the DUFFer so I can get to the hot one."

"Dude, why do I always have to do that?"
by Cretin March 26, 2004
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1. An expression to refer to those Americans who live unexciting or unexotic existences. Typically used by truckers, construction workers, or others whose livelihoods aren't geographically dictated.

2. Boring middle class white people who live in suburbs.
Sam: All they do is bitch about their commute.
Bob: Of course. They're duffers. That's what they do. That's their biggest problem.
by mathias83 March 12, 2008
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