someone who did something stupid or made a stupid mistake
kid cries: "awww mummy i fell over!"
mum: "aww its alright you silly duffer!"
by thurgoona April 22, 2010
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A poor golfer who continues to play often even though he can't hit the ball
Look at that duffer; he's already taken 8 strokes on the hole.
by Dan Stearns June 2, 2005
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The Designated Ugly Fat Friend found in a group of girls out on the town. She may be a Cockblocker unless your group of guys has someone drunk enough to take her attention away from ruining your night.
"Hey Joe, you take care of the DUFFer so I can get to the hot one."

"Dude, why do I always have to do that?"
by Cretin March 27, 2004
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why do all the hot girls hang out with duffers
by andrew January 12, 2005
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Any person who has grey hair; Any person who spends 5 minutes stepping off a curb; Any person who can't, for crime's sake, drive faster than 25 miles per hour anywhere.
Holy Shiite! I almost ran into that dang duffer. He can't even see over the steering wheel, let alone the speedometer! Take the bus! Crime!!
by Gemilie August 16, 2006
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Pass us the duffer luv this programme's crap.
by Becca August 16, 2003
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