Make things move that should and don't. The opposite of Duct Tape.
by Ritch A September 17, 2003
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Ze Lifeforce. WD 40 is the multipurpose lubricant in a can. It can be purchased in a vast array of sizes, from the small home-use bottle to massive industrial size. Recommended for anything that doesn't move, but should, not recommended for use as a cooking spray. Also handy for fine tuning flame thrower abilities.
"The Cheat! Bring me my WD40! And a Danish!"
by Steven Hawking February 15, 2004
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A term used when you at the club and I'll you drinking is fortys! *We drinking 40* (wd40)
Yo..what we drinking at the club tonight?
Boy: man WD40 my man all night!
by Hom2436 January 24, 2018
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multipurpose spray lube. in appalachia, its pronounce "wub deh furd"
I git mee wang stuck in chicken.... git de wub deh furd... quick!
by kona skater March 30, 2004
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Term of derision about a certain individual who shall remain nameless. When the subject of a social occasion or gathering is mentioned, the individual manages to come up with multiple reasons why they cannot partake. Such excuses are usually comical in nature and in most cases are the result of the limited social aspirations of said individual. The number 40 is in reference to the quantity of excuses used to weasel out of any social event.
"Not coming to the (insert name of venue here), the pizza I ate for lunch didn't agree with me."
"Not coming to the (insert name of venue here) Charmed is on TV later."
by Anon September 30, 2004
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Using WD40 for deodorant because wicked robot dancing skills
That honky be bustin some mad robot action on the df like it's 1988. He's got the WD40 effect
by Higgledypiggledy April 18, 2014
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This phrase is similar to "drink bleach" or "fuck off". It is a last resort to someone you truly hate. It even informs the listener that they are dead to you.
Jayden: dude! These Instagram memes are hilarious!
Richard: screw you! Go drink a can of wd40!
by Thatonecoolguy56 April 16, 2019
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