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To be the best in a category. Similar to bee's knees, and dating from the same time period circa 1930s
A:"Is C&C:Generals great or what?"
B:"It's the duck's nuts, alright!"
A:"Huh? You been hanging with granma again, dude?"
by D F Stuckey March 16, 2004
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expression of complete satisfaction, height of goodness, aussie slang
toast: well if this is'nt the duck's nuts, time to get a new duck
by lero August 01, 2004
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Similar to "bee's knees" - the best (most awesome, most choice, most advanced) of all.
I love your potato salad - it's the duck's nuts.

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe is the duck's nuts.
by nospaces February 12, 2012
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Noun, (singular) to be excellent or of a very high standard, synonym- the "bee's knees"
That bartender Cameron at Ramphearts is the "duck's nuts". He provides excellent service and is an extremely witty storyteller.
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by kerb-stirer March 02, 2017
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the nuts of a duck. you put these nuts in your mouth and if you suck on them very hard a magical duck juice will squirt out onto your face. this is magical juice, let it get in your eye. you will also hear the duck moan/quack. this is good, you have pleased the duck. So with the jizz in your eye, with the duck pleased, and with the duck's nuts in your mouth, you realize that you're a sick animal fucker
man i had some duck's nuts in my mouth... i'm a sick motherfucker
by C Sizzle March 12, 2004
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It is which the jizz is held in a male duck. Sometimes it may be found in a female's ducks mouth, or in various horny animals mouths aswell.
"Boy, do those duck's nuts jiggle when he waddles", eh George.
by Sukmears March 17, 2004
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