having two of something, or rolling the number two (2) in craps
Ah Shit... That nigga rolled a duce! (also known as snake eyes)
by FastAMX79 April 13, 2006
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street gang found in the almaden valley, very tough, not to be messed with
u see dem duce roll up on that treysie?
by rob April 21, 2004
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To take a bowel movement, esp. A large or exceedingly smelly one.
Oh, I'm 'bout to Duce it! Ya'll best keep out the bathroom.
by The one and only Loki November 20, 2005
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Short form for introduce. Can also be used to mean anything.
Tess: Benji, check out the new kid.

Benji: Do you think I should duce myself?

Ilana: Totally!
by Benji Finestone September 06, 2007
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A Street Gang, Deriving From Amden Valley, And Now Is Located In Over 3 Countries And 32 States, One Located In Tulsa, Houston, And Dalls.
A Says: Throw Up Ya Set Kid
B Says: Duces Crip 211 Westside
by Tha Kid Prodegy May 14, 2006
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The second hit off a bowl of marijuana, coming after greens, and before trips
"You gonna hit it man you got duces right"
by Shizzle rizzzle November 18, 2006
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