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Known for the Arkansas River, Brookside, Utica Square, Woodland Hills, Riverwalk and surrounding suburbs... Known for the Drillers, Oilers, Golden Hurricane, and Golden Eagles sports teams. Tulsa University and Oral Roberts U. Bells and Big Splash. A nice, inexpensive, safe place to live and grow up with rolling hills and trees abounding. Good suburban schools and bad city schools, mostly. The nicest place in Oklahoma and anywhere in between St. Louis, Dallas, Nashville, and Denver. Jenks and Union Sports Rivalry. Historically involved with oil and gas industry. South Tulsa - rich. East and West - average. North - poor. Cold, dry, windy winters. Stormy, warm springs. Humid, hot summers. Beautiful, calm falls. Buckle of the Bible Belt. Faith movement. Strong Christian presence.
I'm sure glad that I live in Tulsa, instead of some lame hick town or in Oklahoma City.
I go to QT gas stations and watch the weather 24/7 in Tulsa.
by Tom Watson July 31, 2006
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Tulsa is more like a city from east of the Mississippi. Like Louisville.
Oklahoma City is like a dirty truck stop on I-40 or I-35.
Oklahoma had a past Governor that would fly VIP's into Tulsa and have them limo 120 miles to Oklahoma City because the 2 hour trip was better looking than the drive from the Oklahoma City airport to the Governor's Mansion.
by Mr. Dotcom. July 14, 2005
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The absolute best city in the great state of Oklahoma, rivaled only by Stillwater, which is home to the best university in the nation, OSU.
I used to think OKC was the best city in Oklahoma, then I visited Tulsa and knew I had been horribly misguided.
by Poke March 23, 2005
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Another way of calling someone a slut. Notice, Tulsa is "a slut" spelled backwards.
Anthony : I hate jia..shes such a tulsa girl.
Tahj: too.
by Taqwa August 09, 2005
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Second largest city in the state. Nothing else.
Tulsan: "what's going on this weekend?"
Other Tulsan: "I am going to Oklahoma City to party hard"
Tulsan: "wow, i wish i could join you"
by supstanance November 14, 2003
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Verb: to fornicate in a public, inappropriate place, like a crowded chapel or during a little league game. ex: "Did you hear about Bob? He Tulsa'd Sarah at the reunion, right in front of everyone!"

Tulsa-ing is sometimes an initiation ritual with light motorcycle and moped gangs in the Midwest United States. Emulating 60's mods from the UK, these gangs pick up "cherries" or "strawberries" working at stores and enagage in consensual sex during open hours, often in full view of customers- a cloak or jacket or tray of fruit might be ised to shield or hide any points of "contact".
cloak, gang, motorcycle, Tulsa,cherry
by dirtydiver February 05, 2010
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The worlds shittiest city. It's got jack shit in it, and is in the middle of nowhere.
Little Rock, AR: At least we're not Tulsa!
by majician September 19, 2005
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