When something happens to you unexpectedly, or when something bad that you haven't prepared for happens.
Tyler- You ready for the maths test today?
Jane- Ah shit
by BlurryWolf909 July 6, 2017
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A reactionary phrase for when something happens that is devestating, suprising, or accidental.
Everyone jumps out a yells SURPRISE at a surprise party!;
"Ah shit! You guys really got me!"

You accidentally drive on wet pavement;
"Ah shit my tires are stuck!"

A girl farts during sex;
"Ah shit! that is raw!"
by Chrissssssssss May 6, 2008
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A phrase commonly used by an inebriated individual when their equally drunk friends pin their arm behind their back.
Shaun: I've pinned your arm behind your back.

Jason: Ah shit mate shit mate shit mate shit mate shit mate.
by Mein Name ist Ason April 4, 2012
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something you say when you just know you fucked up; usually when something bad or unfortunate happens
Guy 1: Where the fuck is my car?

Guy 2: I saw that big ass nigga cop it and drive off.

Guy 1: Ah shit yo.
by BIG SCRAP November 11, 2015
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When its that time and you know your in for it.
CJ: Ah shit, Here we go again.
by Walugie April 18, 2019
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