This ancient Hebrew name has evolved to mean Perfect Woman. An Ilana is not only a warrior that never gives up, but probably the most beautiful person in the room. An Ilana mixes energy with raw sex appeal and becomes a magnet and fire simultaneously making everyone who meets her become better people. An Ilana makes everyone wish that one day they woke up next to her.
Person 1. I don't think I can do it.
*Ilana walks in*
Person 2. I can take over the world!

"I used to believe life was a chore and then I met Ilana!"

"I used to dream of One Day. Ilana made it happen."
by Runbabyrun7281 September 29, 2017
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Noun. An adorable, quirky girl who everyone loves. An ilana can be Jewish because she is quite literally a chosen one. Ilanas can sing like the spice girls or Maria Callas. She has skin softer than a walrus. Although they sometimes miss your mouth, her kisses are to die for. Ilana may be prescribed as an alternative to psychotropic drugs due to her calming and loving qualities. She often loves boys who are nerdy and who really doesn't deserve her. Only one true ilana exists.

Verb. To think for hours about an ilana (N)

Adj. Perfect.
1) I went to the temple's friday night live music event and fell in love with this ilana. You should find one.... oh wait she is one of a kind.

2) The only excuse any teacher would accept for why you do not have a paper in on time is if you ilana all night.

3) That ilana is so ilana.
by Pink Walrus January 11, 2011
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Ilana is usually a good girl who is so beautiful u could spot her across the room she is usually Christian with average grades and has the best personality ever, she isn't like any other type of ordinary girl she is hilarious! One word she says with brighten your day.she is also and expert at kissing,one kiss by her and you will drift in your thoughts about kissing her everyday.if she is mad you should mostly leave her alone.she is single sadly Bo are to scared to ask her out there scared she might say no because her beauty is so strong
Wow that Ilana girl is something else.
by KrystalHutch March 29, 2018
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Nickname for one can be flirt One of the best and funnest person. She is always a good pleasure to be around with. She is kind and sweet and pretty and the most caring perosn like ever. Loves people named Adam and has many interesting mood swings. Her name to used as a complement and just the name soothes people.
Person 1: You're an Ilana.
Person 2: *sighs and smiles* How sweet
by Banana (purple) February 13, 2009
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A pretty Jewish girl who has a great sense of humor and sense of style. She is not only pretty but she gets good grades and is very ambitious. She develops a sense of wisdom at a young age and can have multiple personalities without being fake.
Girl #1- Omg, you changed so much over the summer!
Girl #2- I know, I'm trying to be more of an Ilana.
by -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. December 9, 2007
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Ilana is an absolutely AMAZING person. Smarter than Albert Einstein, kinder than Keanu Reeves, Prettier than Megan Fox, Ilana takes all the prizes home. She has a surplus of friends, always gets good grades, and genuinely enjoys her life.
Person: Damn, I wish I was Ilana!

Person 2: I know! She’s so amazing.
by unevensquash November 17, 2021
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