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The use of two weapons, one in each hand, during combat.
Can either be projectile or melee weapons.
Chow Yun Fat is most famous for dual wielding handguns in his action movies.

by Edward 'Arsenal' Thornton September 08, 2006
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Whilst in the act of consuming alcohol, one who is dual wielding will be holding two different bottles. One bottle containing alcohol, of course; and the other being a good chaser.

Good examples are:

Rum and Coke.

Vodka and Orange Juice

and for all you hicks out there; A 40 and a bag of pretzels.

People who are inexperienced at drinking can not dual wield. It's completely impossible and is frowned upon by the elder drinkers in the room. No one likes a sloppy dual wielder.

However Dual wielding does a fair amount of skill, if you want to get really pro and do work like a man, throw the chaser on the ground and pound that alcohol.
Person 1: Haha, jake was dual wielding last night like a pro.
Person 2: No shit man, he has that steez down to a science.

Person 1: (*dual wields* and hands both bottles to friend)
Person 2: (*slaps person 1*, ignores the chaser and drinks like a fish)
by Ian "Do Work" Peterson April 30, 2007
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this is mostly done by black people. it is the act of having 2 phones; one for texting which is usually a t-mobile sidekick and the other is usually a nextel or sprint
hey, john that guy over there is dual - wielding. you can see the sidekick case and he is talkin on the phone.
by Paul Thomas Johnson December 04, 2007
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When a guy talks on the phone while urinating.

The act of talking or texting with a phone in one hand and a urinating penis in the other.
Phone conversation:

Caller: It sounds like you're in the restroom. Want me to call you back?

Guy: Nah, it's cool I'm dual wielding.
by Dadz February 23, 2012
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Two guys jacking off in the same room (but pretending it didn't happen and/or isn't gay).
After being snubbed at the club, Ricky and Byron went back to their dorm room for a good dual wielding.
by Doity Hairy July 22, 2008
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