Hot and dirty sex, without constraint or the least acquiesance to established rules of civility; equivocally the act of indulging in one another's bodies for sexual pleausure, all under the pretense of playing a popular video game
M: Did you see Trevor and Dustin playing Halo last night?

B: Unfortunately! Oh, my eyes...
by Matthew Nomas February 15, 2008
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1)making out

2)having sex in a dark room where you're not supposed to

3)hanging out with a member of the opposite sex under false pretenses of playing a popular video game
Wow, I can't believe Trevor and Dustin were playing Halo...they don't seem like that type.
by Matthew Nomas January 18, 2008
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To engage in the recreational use of marijuana.
Guy:"hey, i got my pay check from pottery barns, so i will be playing halo tonight"
Guy 2:"I'd love to, playing halo is the shizzletobisquitshit, are you hosting?"
Guy:"I'll host like always you scavenger"
by metalanddrugs June 21, 2010
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1. To hang out under the pretense of playing a popular video game for the purpose of making out or having passionate, lascivious sex.

2. A euphemism for a furtive romance, usually one centered around hot and dirty sex.

3. A common misspelling of Killing Aliens.
"The two of us cannot join your jovialities, as we are already scheduled to play Halo this evening."

"Where are Matthew and Melissa?" "They're playing Halo."
by Timothy West May 16, 2008
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