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FPP is an acronym for Front Page Post on MetaFilter. It is just a term used for a post made to the website.
Great FPP. Seriously. Totally off the charts.
by supachristy November 23, 2004
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FPP is an acronym that means "for poor people". To be used as a rebutle when someone mentions something that those without money would be into.
Hey you guys wanna go to Jack in the Box? 2 for 1 tacos!".... "Gross, that shits fpp!
by azfixed July 26, 2011
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Fat People Posse:a gang of fat JUGGALOS,any one whos proud to be fat is in it!
A fat kid in the FPP just kicked some richies skinny ass!
by Juggalo 4 Life September 05, 2004
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First person porn. Pornography where the camera is angled to make it look like you're taking place in the act.
Jim: So, what're you doing tonight?

Tom: I'm going to watch some FPP.

Jim: Wow, you are pathetic.
by Captain Corridor September 02, 2007
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Short for "fat people problems" used with a hashtag on social media.
#FPP is used to describe and bring awareness the life struggles of the fat people
by JRodus April 23, 2017
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Future Pussy Plan.

A girl who you meet and don't hook up with right then, but do at some point in the future or plan to at some point in the future. FPP's can be a week or two long, but can be several years long also.
In a bar.

James: "Yo man, Eric just left with Ashley, they're going back to his place."
Ryan: "Seriously? Didn't they meet like freshman year of highschool? We're graduating from college soon!"
James: "Yeah man, he's pulling it off now, solid FPP"
by alrightokay November 13, 2013
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fucking pigion plucker
or a person who likes to pluck pigions
when we saw the feathers on the ground, we knew their was an fpp at our school.
by Misery Porter March 20, 2008
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