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the longest word you can type using only your left hand
by b0ner July 13, 2003
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He was a very good musician, but when an artist releases four albums alive, and over thirty after he dies, something is terribly terribly wrong.
Apparently Jimi Hendrix is recording songs from beyond the grave.
by b0ner July 06, 2003
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Hey Aaron Einstein, it's kind of hard to believe such an esteemed fortune teller whenever he uses the word "overthrowed". Take some money out of your homo-erotic pornography budget and use it to buy a dicionary, you fuck.
France taking part in the destruction of America is one of the funnier predictions I've ever read.
by b0ner July 06, 2003
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The greatest joke in the world. Send your buddy a link to www.embarrassing.net/images/drunkpartygirls.jpg and let the fun begin.
Oh man, that fucker sent me a link to drunkpartygirls, I'm going to kill him and eat his children.
by b0ner June 24, 2003
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