Trick or treating is when you go from car to car, or house to house at any month of the year and steal what ever you can. Since you're going to be going in their neighbours car there is no forced entry in trick or treating due to the sound factor (you can do it if you're quite). Unlike on halloween the best time is later at night when everyone's sleeping.
hey man you wanna go trick or treating tonight?

yeah, i'll bring the screw drivers and exacto knife for the decks
by sqaz November 17, 2006
A threat issued by children in costumes as they go door-to-door on Halloween night, which roughly translates to "give me candy unless you want your house covered in toilet paper and eggs."
"Trick or Treat!"
by Spliffsicles October 24, 2012
a term refering to species, generally of the female variation, that play games with guys. Also referred to as Dumb bitches.
"that bitch alex is playin games"
"i know fuck that bitch, trick a treat"
by McsHAde May 6, 2008
A term originating in the South... To "trick-or-treat" is to spoil and spend money on a female, whether it is taking her out to dinner, taking her shopping, or anything else of that sort.

Think of it as... treating the trick out.

Of course, the average male would never "trick-or-treat," due to ego or pride. A female would have to earn the right to have the male "trick-or-treat."
"I don't take 'em out to eat / I ain't here to trick-or-treat / I ain't tryin' to fix your weave..." (Slim Thug - I Ain't Heard Of That)
by Derrrty June 22, 2005
American phenomenon that has infiltrated the UK over the last 20 years. When organised by adults the event results in sweet, fancy dressed children being given confectionery by random strangers whose houses the children have knocked on the doors of. However the reality is that groups of antisocial delinquents have an excuse to roam streets, threatening and intimidating anyone stupid enough to open their front doors to them and generally vandalise property and disturb the peace. It is the parents of these reprobates that think the idea is fun as they are completely unaware of the havoc their little darlings are causing. Another great American export. God Bless America, indeed.
Trick or treat? The trick is that I will throw an egg at your house and vandalise your garden. The treat is I'll do exactly the same, even if you give me some sweets.
by Craig November 1, 2004
To trick or to be trickin. Can be used in a variation of phrases to describe either:

1. When a male is constantly trying to get at the same female (also known as ringing the same doorbell).

2. When a female is constantly on different guys nuts all at the same time.

3. Or used as a reply to when someone has been trickin' (i.e. over AIM, texting, etc.)
1. Person A: Damn John is trick or treatin again.
Person B: His finger's been on that doorbell for too long.
Person A: It must be Halloween again.

2. Person A: I saw Michelle on hella guys nuts last night at the basketball game.
Person B: Fuck that bitch shes always trick or treating.

3. Person A: She was all over like 5 guys at the party.
Person B: NC. Trick or treat.
by jackOlantern666 June 17, 2008
when young human children go soliciting door to door. They yell trickortread, which implies them to give them something, either money, fruit (ick), or candy (think obesity), or they will egg/tepee the house. A common sight on October 31. See Halloween}
I still go trick or treating, and I'm 35. I'm just really short, and I shave. Plus, i talk like a girl.
by An old guy October 20, 2003