An expression used to show dissatisfaction and sadness towards something
Preston: Hey Casey did you do your homework?

Casey: no

Jack: dumbass

Casey: hehh :(
by KC HURRYSON August 31, 2011
Its a clan that originiated in the eastern part of the state of Connecticut. The members of the Hehh like to panic a lot. and they bloat all the time. They love sports, and do not do any bad things. If you are part of the Hehh, its a lifestyle that you will always be a part of. Entrance into it is based on the members voting. There is no such thing as anything else but Nike, and we are white. hehhhhh nyeah
bloaters, panickers, nyeah, hehh
by Hehh leader August 12, 2012
a unique sound heard while rotating your face 37.5º clockwise or anticlockwise (from current face position) and mentally uttering the word chÜ@#$@ Saal@ after listening or reading an abrupt comment.
Boss: I want this LIVE in the next 2 hours.
Employee: Hehh.. Ok Sir.
by gutti August 18, 2014