1. The sexiest people you'll ever meet. ( rainbow , taste the rainbow )

Usually made up of guys, but sometimes girls.

Band directors blame them for everything, and sometimes joke about their stupidity and their unability (Yeah, I know that's not a word) to read music. This is very rarely true.

Kick ass.

2. A dumb Nick Cannon movie. Everyone in marching band (esp. drummers!) is required to watch it and hate on it. :p
I know, your drumline is SO SEXY!
by MissSky May 26, 2010
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The section of the band that consists of a Batterie(no, that is not misspelled), or the field percussion, and a front ensemble, or pit, consisting of mallet and auxiliary percussion and often a bass guitar. The field percussion often consists of 3-4 snares in smaller bands and 7-10 in bigger bands, 4-5 bass drums, 2-3 multi-tenors (quads, quints, or sixpacks), and 2-3 marching cymbals. They are the hardest working, most featured section of the marching band and are often the flashiest as well. When the band enters the stadium, they often march at the back or in the middle, and play a 30 second-1 minute piece of music featuring the drumline, often called a "cadence" or "street beat". The best snare, also called "drum captain" or "center snare", starts the cadence with a signal yell or phrase and keeps the beat for the drumline during the show by yelling "daht" to the beat of the drum major during rests. Sometimes, they will challenge other drumlines to a "drum battle", which consists of playing prepared cadences until one line runs out of ideas and are declared the loser.
1. Our drumline kicked ass! I really liked their cadence, too.
by dvdwinter9 December 01, 2006
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the best, most awesome section of the band who are always hot and know how to read music (yeah they really do, get over it)
Are you sure the drumline is with the marching band?
by king January 30, 2005
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They are gods of the marching band, but are told they have no talent (fucking flutes all they do is stand with a goddamn sliver drumstick). The drumline also is found saying words such as yeet, its a yes for me, get'm skeeter, bruhv, hell yeah brother, WATER BREAK!, and whats a flute. They call the instructor, dad and the drum captain, daddy. They give each other nicknames such as, Del Taco, skinny penis, daddy, Tyrone, Black thunder, Slim Thicc, Shit Stack, and Annoying bastard.
Bruh, did you see the drumline they are gods.

Drumline play those siiiiick beats.
via giphy
by Freaky Dakota March 14, 2018
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1. Section of a marching band that marches while playing percussion and plays the cadence while marching onto the field for a competition
2. An awful movie with a whore core for a colorguard
1. The drumline is playing the cadence. They sound cool.
2. I just watched Drumline. Nick Cannon makes me want to cut myself.
by asdfpoiuy November 28, 2005
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The coolest guys in your school...period.
The drumline is cooler than the starting qurterback, the stoner, and Russel Crowe combined.
by Drumline December 29, 2005
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The backbone of the marching band. They are often talented, but their talent is often wasted on their cockiness, arrogance, and loud behavior. A drumline mainly consists of attractive males, all of whom act bisexual at least ninety percent of the time. Contrary to popular belief, the drumline CAN read music. However, they usually act so unbelievably idiotic that no one could believe it. The drumline consists of four parts: The snares (arrogant douche bags), the cymbals (weird and unappreciated), the bass drums (constantly running into each other) and the tenors (cooler and calmer than the rest of the section and usually the best drummers). They are ungodly loyal to their instructors. Many seem unaware that they are still part of their marching band family and often form their own private clique.
The drumline was very talented, but they seemed unaware that their loud presence was interrupting the marching band's rehearsal.
by Noraneko May 14, 2010
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