Not a movie,let me reiterate, the movie drumline does not give a correct or accurate representation of drumline.
Drumlines are the backbone of a marching band and work the hardest making every not perfect. They do not dance around like gay homo's in the movie. People in drum corps drumline's are the best.
"Our drumline kicks ass"
"Lets go watch the cadets drumline in the parking lot"
by Scot December 10, 2004
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1. The backbone of the band who don't 'just play drums' THEY LIVE. Made up of girls and guys.

2. The most mentally challenged part of a marching band that really knows how to have a good time.

3. A suck-ass movie.

4. The people you blame when the local school explodes.
Innocent bystander 1:
Is that the drumline over there pretending to murder each other?

Innocent bystander 2:
Yes. Yes it is.
by TheBlackKnight November 10, 2009
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Best thing that ever happened to the band. Consists of skilled musicians who dispite rumors can actually read music. Mesmorize crowds with our awesome beats (haha beats) and kick ass rythms.
"Yo man you heard the seabreeze drumline yet?" "Yeah dawg they off the chain"
by C.J. April 27, 2004
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Most drummers start off playing another instrument, and then switch to drums. So they do learn how to read music. Drummers can read music anyway, because they can read rythms...and that's reading music.
Face it, you're just a pussy faced baby because you don't have the skill to be a drummer. If drumming was easy, everyone would be a drummer, and face it, you're not a drummer.
by Mike November 12, 2003
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The greatest, bestest, most awesome section in the marching band!!!

Most people in the band/colorguard (mostly the colorguard) think that the drumline is so HOTT (especially the snare drummers)!!!!
(as watching the other band march into the football game)

Colorguard #1: Oh, look at that HOTT drumline! Oh, the snare drummer!
Colorguard #2: Where? I don't see him!
Colorguard #1: That one. Closest to us!
Colorguard #2: Oh, I see him! He's FINE!!!

(Both colorguards stare at his butt as he marches)
by Do you think I'm that stupid? November 08, 2006
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