For My Beloved Actor, Russel Crowe, on His 51st Birthday

Not that I've seen you
Not that I've known you
But the happiest birthday, I wish you
As this is the way I know you:

You are a vivid dream in " A Beautiful Mind"
You are a " Man of Steel" in a " Broken City"
You are "Robin Hood" for " Les Miserables"
You are a " Gladiator" in a " State of Play"
You are " Cinerella Man" in " A Good Year"
You are "The Insider" in "L.A. Confidential"
You are " Proof of Life" in a " Body of Lies"
You are an " American Gangster" on " 3:10 to Yuma"
Who is all "Tenderness" while " Breaking Up"
But " Master and Commander" " The Next Three Days" when " Heaven's Burning"
And then again who is " The Water Diviner" but you,
To save all living things, as did " Noah"?

So you see I know you, though I haven't seen you!
And this I have written for Charly and Tennyson
To read on cold days as a " Winter's Tale"
For their kids to be proud of you
And love you as I do!

With your bow and arrow
One day you aimed at my heart, Russel Crowe
As did Cupid,
And got the poet out of me,

So let me enjoy the honor, Sir
To call you Robin Russel Hood!

Afrooz Jafarinoor

April 7, 2015
by A Persian Fan May 28, 2015
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A mentally deficient australian actor more widely known for picking fights everywhere he goes than his acting. A scrouder. Was born in New Zealand but officially disowned by the general public and sent to Australia.
Russel Crowe is a scrouter.

What?! Since when was Russel Crowe considered a heart throb? He's such a scrouder!
by The Nefarious Alex June 07, 2005
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han dynasty vase is nice
by blue eyes white dragon January 20, 2005
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A yobo but a top bloke nonetheless because he likes to sink piss and run amok.
Russel Crowe may be a yobo, but he'd kick your arse 'cause you're a whiny little bitch and he's a hard-arse. Get me a phone to throw at this knob-toucher.

Russel Crowe in Romper Stomper is one bad-arse mother fucker.
by King Ink February 27, 2006
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An actor who was born in New Zealand in '64. He loves to act but loves one thing more: fightin' 'round the world! He fights his directors and he fights his fans; it's a problem no one understands. If there are two things he loves it's fighting and...fightin' round the world!
"Oy! you wanna fight eh!?"

"My fightin's poetry! You don't edit Russell Crowe's poetry ya testicle!"

"Oh my god it's Russell Crowe! Oh me me me bleh bleh bleh! Why don't you mind your own business ya scrotum!?"

" looks like if we're gonna get into more fights, we're gonna have to go look for 'em!"

"Making movies, making music, and fightin' 'round the world!"
by FRTW October 22, 2005
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1. Someone who loves making movies and loves making songs, but there's just one thing that he loves even more: Fighting 'round the world!

2. To lose your temper on the phone and throw the offending object at the face of the nearest person.
1. That Russell Crowe sure loves fightin'!

2. (sigh) John just got taken away by the police for pulling a Russell Crowe with his cell phone in the restaraunt.
by Pyro September 02, 2005
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