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The best (and loudest) part of the marching band. Drumline practice is sometimes productive but mostly its just sitting around and making perverted jokes. Most of the marching band wishes they were us and/or think we are HAWT ;)
Marching band boy: dang look at that drumline! They are so awesome
MB girl: yeah and look at that guy playin quints, what a hottie
Boy: yea so is that snare chick. Girls who play drums are super hot.
by snare_chickkk_yeah July 29, 2010

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When one is sick and tired of the drama involving Team Jacob and/or Team Edward, and just decides to join Team Riley instead, in search of the next hottest guy in the Twilight series.
Ashley: i'm on team edward.
Brittany: wow, im on team jacob, he's so much hotter.
Ashley: no way guuurl!

*start fighting*
Becca: this is why i'm on team riley, geez
by snare_chickkk_yeah July 29, 2010

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When you're driving thru no-man's land with your earbuds in your ears listening to your iPod, while at the same time your ears are popping because of the air pressure and it feels very awkward and makes it hard to hear the music.
I was driving through Pennsylvania and i experienced Awkward Ear-Popping iPod Syndrome, so i couldn't even hear my Paramore music because my ears were popping so much.
by snare_chickkk_yeah July 29, 2010

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Where your mom goes.
"I'm trying to raise money for college..."
"Your mom goes to college." -Kip
by snare_chickkk_yeah August 01, 2010

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