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The section of the band that consists of a Batterie(no, that is not misspelled), or the field percussion, and a front ensemble, or pit, consisting of mallet and auxiliary percussion and often a bass guitar. The field percussion often consists of 3-4 snares in smaller bands and 7-10 in bigger bands, 4-5 bass drums, 2-3 multi-tenors (quads, quints, or sixpacks), and 2-3 marching cymbals. They are the hardest working, most featured section of the marching band and are often the flashiest as well. When the band enters the stadium, they often march at the back or in the middle, and play a 30 second-1 minute piece of music featuring the drumline, often called a "cadence" or "street beat". The best snare, also called "drum captain" or "center snare", starts the cadence with a signal yell or phrase and keeps the beat for the drumline during the show by yelling "daht" to the beat of the drum major during rests. Sometimes, they will challenge other drumlines to a "drum battle", which consists of playing prepared cadences until one line runs out of ideas and are declared the loser.
1. Our drumline kicked ass! I really liked their cadence, too.
by dvdwinter9 December 01, 2006
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A condition similar to ADHD affecting all drummers who actually love what they do. It causes the drummer to play on any flat surface, vertical or horozontal, which exists within hand reach whenever he or she has at least 1 minute of boredom in band. Often scorned by other band members, conductors, and even other drummers, it is one of the few downsides to being a drummer.
1. Man, Ryan's Drummer's Syndrome is starting to annoy me.
2. Hey, Aaron, your Drummer's Syndrome is messing with our tuning. Mind stopping?
by dvdwinter9 December 02, 2006
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1. A group of usually 4 people who, at it's most basic level, guard the "colors" (American flag, other flags). They are usually featured at a military ceremony and are dressed in military uniform.
2. A section of a marching band/drum corps that adds "razzle dazzle" and showmanship to the band. They use flags, sabres, and dummy rifles, which they toss, twirl, and spin, often dropping said equipment. They usually wear a different outfit than the band. They are one of the most hardworking sections of the band.
2. The marching band appreciates the color guard for all the hard work they do.
by dvdwinter9 January 13, 2007
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A band that attends basketball games and, at the collegiate level, hockey games and plays renditions of popular or well-known songs to "pump up" the crowd. Often, the Pep Band will be comprised of flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and tubas, and the drum/rhythm section will include a drum set, a drumline, or a combination of both. Often, the Pep Band is confused with the marching band by those who may not know the difference. The Pep Band is often led by the school's music director, or a drum major.
1. The Pep Band's rendition of "Hey, Baby" really gets the crowd going!
by dvdwinter9 June 25, 2007
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a marching set of 5 tenor drums, with the fifth and smallest reffered to as the "shot" or "gock" drum and being only a few inches in diameter
My quints are screwing up my back! This will screw me for the rest of my life.
by dvdwinter9 December 01, 2006
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1. The complete and total removal of your hunger.
1. Angela thought a hungerectomy would cure her endometriosis. Boy, was she wrong...
by dvdwinter9 October 18, 2007
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1. A character in the daily comic strip "Dilbert" by Scott Adams. He is Dilbert's pet (or is Dibert Dogbert's pet?) and often makes fun of just about everyone he meets and appointed himself a saint.
2. The eventual ruler of the earth, and the people who subscribe to the Dilbert newsletter will be at his right hand, while all others will be the subscribers' personal slaves.
3. One of my role models.
1. Dogbert hates most humans.
2. All hail Dogbert.
3. Dogbert is a weaselish consultant for the Pointy-Haired Boss.
by dvdwinter9 January 05, 2007
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