maypire: yo i just beamed this kid for $25 btc lmao

zeb: get banned
by Loseridiot January 13, 2018
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a common roblox term used by the the community to describe people who had their limiteds stolen through various methods
Person 1: Bruh, I lost my Valk
Person 2: How?
Person 1: I got beamed
by yruhwiejsofkhiurkdsagf July 7, 2021
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over indulgence in Jim Beam products, leading to the state of being in intense discomfort, including a headache, nausea and waves of dizziness the day after
I got beamed last night uhhh.
by danalouisiana February 3, 2013
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A woman too incredible for ordinary words, she needs her own definition... Because there is NO ONE like her.

She shines brightly every day and not even the clouds of a bad day can stop the beautiful rays of who she is.

She is FAITH, BELIEF, HOPE and TRUST all in one.

She is The Best and the most perfect person you will ever meet & her smile, well her smile can light up your eyes, smile and heart in an instant.

She gives you butterflies, weak knees and makes you feel like you could conquer anything for her - all at the same time.

You know when you meet Beam that "I'm staying" and "I'm not letting you go" - because you can't not be there with her and grow to love her more and more every single day!

She's all you ever dreamed of and so much more!

Her laugh is the best most incredible sound you will ever hear and her eyes... Well her eyes just shine her loving heart for all the world to see.

She is Beam and she is AMAZING!
I walked through the office... Everything was grey... Until I saw Beam... Wow my heart nearly jumped out of my chest... She's incredible!
by MyBeamIsBest July 12, 2021
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Gun laser, for better accuracy when shooting.
New choppa it came with a beam
by womenshouldnthaverights March 30, 2020
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To be scammed
"I just got beamed for 1k creds by a multi on ogu"
by fuckarabmultis February 22, 2020
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