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nicotine, something that stupid teenagers get addicted to through vaping.
addicts usually are in high school, some in mid school, they go into the bathroom to get their fix.
man, that nigga teen is vaping again.
these days them nigga teens are addicted to niggateen(nicotine/nic)
by YoungWrapper November 19, 2018
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high quality weed/marijuana, literally will make you "on fire", hence the term fire.
Smoking fire will make u funnier, more relaxed, chill.
yo, u got that fire?
hell yeah, wanna light that blunt?
hell yeah, thats sum fire, got me high asf
by YoungWrapper August 28, 2018
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pure mdma/ecsatcy, usually light brown or white in a capsule.
by YoungWrapper February 7, 2019
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Usually caused by long exposure to videogames. Espesically competitive games. When you get slightly mad and neck may hurt due to leaning towards the computer desk.
Fuck. I was Playing Genji and this fucking winston killed me 3 times in a row. I got tilted after that and contributed nothing to the team after that.
by YoungWrapper September 8, 2016
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Captain obvious, something someone said that comes with no surprise and usually a waste of time.
Retard: Dude, Bob got put in juvenile for fighting the teacher.
Me: No shit, we already heard about that, what u think we live in a fucking cave??????
by YoungWrapper May 4, 2017
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Synonym to crossfaded, but entirely different.
Crosschill is the act of moderatly using marijuana+ beer after work, school.
Crosschilling doesnt get you fucked up, hence why its cross"chill"
Me: Aye, homie wanna crosschill tonight?
Homie: Fasho, I finished school so lets roll
by YoungWrapper October 8, 2018
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Any type of pill that relieves pain, induces sleep, kills pain, and/or get u sedated.
Person wit anxiety: Yo, u got sum chill pillz, cant fuckin sleep
Doctor: Sure, maybe u can get some xans or benzos.
by YoungWrapper December 10, 2017
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