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HyDROponically grown marijuana, i.e., "homegrown". Pot grown indoors in hydroponic chambers, which regulate light, humidity, and temperature. Usually a higher, more pure quality of weed than that found elsewhere. Whether there are additives such as cocaine in it is a secondary matter - ask honest questions of your dealer. When in doubt - don't buy.
From Chingy's hit song "Holidae In" -

Get a 12-pack of Coronas, and a ounce o' 'dro, ya know
by papi December 22, 2003

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Another slang for 'fag' in the Philippines. It is often used as an insult. The term often means 'flamy' and effeminate homosexuals; it also refers to flamy homosexuals who are witty and sarcastic. Although used predominantly in Tagalog, the term is widely used by the country's other dialects.
Be careful teasing that bading 'she' will burn you with her wit.
by Papi June 18, 2006

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First Lady Of CruNk & B!!!!

Born in ATLANTA G.A!!!!!
Ciara has the goodies and sure knows how to handle her life.
by Papi January 26, 2005

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what arnold schwarzenegger has 2 say in all his movies
"geehhhhdowwwn ... theres a bommmb een tha beelding ... ahhhh"
by Papi January 08, 2004

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Rhythm N' Crunk is Music that is a kind of techno sound.

Ciara was one of the first to approach such music to the world with hit single "Goodies" and now out is "1,2 Step"
Ciara- Did you like my new song'??
Snoop Dogg- How yea', Though what genre of Music is it'???
Ciara- Rhythm n' Crunk
by Papi December 07, 2004

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