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any type of decoration or accessory that sparks interest or curiousity among first-time onlookers.

Often they will ask questions regarding its origin, how you acquired it...etc. , thus leading to a conversation.
"I don't know how you got that Model T Ford in your living room, but I gotta say it does make an intersting conversation piece!"
by polo September 7, 2004
what you say to someone who says something that you disapprove of
Sammy: "say Sally, isn't your 40th birthday just around the corner?"

Sally: (with icy look in her eyes) ".....bite your tongue old man!"
by polo January 25, 2006
metaphor pertaining to something of a fragile or volatile nature.

-from an old past-time of standing up playing cards together in the form of a house, this "structure" can fall apart at any time from the slightest action (e.g. an air current).
"We must plan this campaign implementing maximum precision, else it will disintegrate into a house of cards."
by polo December 15, 2007
a person who is narrow-minded or has limited knowledge or insight to anything outside his or her immediate life.

basically someone who lacks education or higher thought.
I tried to start a conversation about Hapsburg Europe with that hot looking babe at the party who is supposedly a history major.
turns out she's just another mental midget, since all she talked about was her ex boyfriend Diego and her Mary Kay cosmetics collection!
by polo June 18, 2005
"Purchasing that Rolls Royce Silver Shadow will doubtless cost you a king's ransom, especially via the installment plan!"
by polo October 15, 2006
"you must be joking!" or "you can't be serious!"
John Bull: "The Labour Party winning a majority in the next election?? My good man...surely you jest!"

John Doe: "I jest you not! And don't call me Shirley!"

by polo December 30, 2008
an expression describing someone who imitates another person's actions, good or bad,simply by having watched them before.
"OMG did you about little Billy from down the street?? apparently he burned a house down...right here in the neighborhood!!"

"yeah, well his older brother used to do the same thing when he was around...monkey see monkey do I guess."
by polo November 26, 2004