texting photos from the dr's office.
samson is drexting me photos of his mouth from the dentist's office...
by taoist win July 07, 2011
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DR-iving while Texting. And its not to be confused with Sexting. DREXTING is not advisable...(and by no means do I condone it!) This word can have alternate meanings as well: DRinking + tEXTING=DREXTING. (can lead to similar,yet perhaps more disastrous consequences)
Ex: I almost crashed...and mispelled a bunch of words in my comment/status/text but it's ok cuz I was Drexting.

Ex: I told my my friend a bunch of shit I regret, but hey, I guess I can blame it on my stupid habit of "DREXTING."
by amethystblue74 July 26, 2011
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Driving while texting.

A dirty way to SLAM driving and texting together!
I think dr-exting is more dangerous for the receiver!!!
by Juicy Gem May 13, 2011
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Driving and texting at the same time. Other forms - drext.
The number one cause of vehicular accidents in the town were as a result of Drexting.
by Albert A. Antwi September 22, 2018
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The act of text messaging while driving a motor vehicle.
Person#1 text: Did you hear about the lunar eclipse today?
Person#2 text: Yeah it was visible I. Turkey this morning
Person#1 text: Aww, it was even visible in North America
Person#2 text: Noor
Person#1 text: Omg, STOP DREXTING!!
by Pinkvs June 15, 2011
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