Text messaging while drunk - drunk texting. Similar to drunk dialing - calling people while drunk.
After a few beers, I was drexting all night.
by Keith Simonsen January 4, 2007
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will you please stop drexting, you're going to get into an accident
by J-Pow9482 June 3, 2010
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greg is always drexting, it is really scary.
by rhettzi August 30, 2011
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the multitasking but illegal act of texting whilst driving
Am drexting you now darling, as will be late because I am stuck behind a nissan micra doing twenty miles per hour!!
by Dave Lea March 4, 2008
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Dr. Frank Ryan was involved in a fatal car accident caused by drexting.
by ehchromatic August 19, 2010
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i was drexting and almost got in an accident
by pretzellover November 2, 2010
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