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Verb. To drain someone is to make a person feel emotionally drained and angry, upset etc by means of offloading you're personal problems onto them.

See also Drainer
"And he made me feel so down, telling be all about bloody Cathy!"
"Honestly honey, don't let him drain you like that."
by Words4Lifee May 20, 2014
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To take a piss. Specifically one hell of a piss. A long one, one that feels good whatever.

Can be used with "Drain the dragon" , "Drain the lizard" , or unfortunately "Drain the gecko"
EX 1:
Guy: I'll be back, I gotta drain.

EX: ( A guy and girl are about to have sex)
Guy: Ready babe?
Girl: Drain on my face!
Guy: Ya need to get the fuck outta here with that shit. No joke I just wanna beat it up.
by Nadsafs March 13, 2009
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the bitter taste that drips down the back of your throat and settles in your mouth after you snort cocaine.
hey, dude, you want some pepsi?

no, man, it'll taste nasty on top of this coke drain.
by SnowKitten April 25, 2011
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Something cool, kickass or too rad for it's own good.
1. Tyler: "Did you see Julio carve that hill!?"

Argenis: "Yeah that shit was drain as a mofo!"

2. Justin: "Man that chick was so drain, I want at that!"

Henry: "In your dreams bish!"
by LSHS VB November 19, 2009
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to drain: means to recieve a blow job from a someone, to get head
Yeah dude, Sarah gave me a good drain last night, and then i ate her out.
by qotsa69 August 22, 2007
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When one is smoking a drain is something that kills the mood. A drain would be considered opposite to a boost (not to be confused with a shnarf boost, a boost of a higher intensity).

A drain kills the situation.
stoner #1: hey man let's go smoke more alcohol?
stoner #2: nahh man, we ran out!
stoner #1: damn man, what a DRAIN!
by katastroika December 31, 2012
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Origin:seaside bookmakers. Meaning: It is an all encompassing word to describe any negative mood, person, conversation or menial task. The longer the time it takes you to say it the more negative you feel about whatever has incurred to provoke the neccessity to catagorise the person, mood a waste of your time or a waste of oxygen
D.O.B:first usage approximatley to 6 months ago!
I've got to go to work today...what a Drain!
I'm working with that boring twat tonight...what a Draaaiiiiinnnnn!!!!
by coral-slaves March 09, 2010
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