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Exhausted, done
Can be in a physical or emotional way
Man, having to get up super early and waste 8 hours of my life at school everyday has me drained!
by babyigotme April 04, 2017

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An act of slayage; the position of slay. Created by Beyoncé, the queen of music.
"Okay ladies now let's get in formation 'cause I slay
by babyigotme June 10, 2016

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someone who acts like someone their not; poser.
“Aye why aren’t you friends with Larissa anymore?”
“Ion know she’s too much of a character for me”
by babyigotme May 31, 2019

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Acronym for Fortnite, apparently.
Yo, I’ll call you back I’m in the middle of playing fn with my n!gga
via giphy
by babyigotme June 05, 2018

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