When your man's significant junk hangs out of his short shorts and wraps around his thigh. See pet turtle.
After defeating Sauron, Frodo curled his spent body against Samwise Gamgee's dragon's tongue in the pit of Mt. Doom.
by Testudines69 January 16, 2011
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When a person gives a blow job right after they ate something spicy, causing the hot sensation to transfer.
Me and my girl had some hot wings for diner, then she gave me the dragon tongue.
by Vic&Tim February 28, 2013
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Chopped up and mixed into brownies or cookies to get you high as hell. Burns like hell afterwards and is worth 42 krakens teeth.
by Jawen July 8, 2014
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One who has the ability to drag their tongue from their grundel to their genitalia in one smooth licking motion.
I thought she was a freak at first, but when I found out she was a tongue dragon I ran out of the room.
by Nick & Brian December 7, 2007
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