Brian Just Popped 4 Bars and Downed a 6 Pack Hes fuckin Chopped up.
by B.R0DRiGUEZ February 10, 2010
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Ey brah you wanna go run a train on this bitch and fuck her in the ass? I just got chopped up an am lookin cleaner than a bathroom at steak and shake
by Pretty dick daniel November 30, 2014
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Someone who has had multiple plastic surgeries with a less than desirable result.
After she got her face chopped up something don't look right.
by Asheknuckles July 15, 2016
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Bare chopping up is happening 2night boiz.

I'm going to chop up wid dat cantrell yo.
by KLICK-C February 28, 2011
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If your reading this I’m gonna chop up ur mum and you. You fat dirty smelly bastard. All youse do is eat both of you fat cunts I’ll fucking cut youse both up.
Chop up ur whole family up you wanker go kill your self you useless piece of shit.
by English are trannys December 13, 2021
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To have a one night stand with a female
Sam: Did you chop up last night?
Elliot: Yeah mate, I chopped up Imogen
by Politick December 5, 2011
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