referring to a person. Irish lingo
then your man kicked the ball straight into the goal
by Jillian Frayne May 25, 2004
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Your beau, lover, boyfriend, or crush.
Gurl, go get your man.
by Penguin Fizzle July 7, 2005
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Your man is a piece of Irish slang which refers to someone that you are somehow connected with but don't personally know. Its general tone is derogatory but it's not offensive.

Synonymous with the Australian "old mate."
If you saw a drunk person stumbling across the road you could say..."have a look at your man over there" or in a traffic incident....."and your man just drove straight into me".
by XxCaffxX August 11, 2020
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A warning in which you let someone know to tell the person they are with to either relax or to stop acting in an irrational manner
Hey Kyle why is ya boy akin up, get your mans bro
by SydMak March 24, 2019
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the group you hang with, or people who are nameless, but with the group.
A. you going out tonight with your mans and them?

B. I saw you last night at the club with your mans and them.
by H666 February 21, 2008
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When someone is acting badly (racist/sexist/generally shitty) and people from the group that they belong to are called upon to keep them in check.
Jordan Peterson's transphobia needs some reigning in, U of T come collect your man!
by Zeke from the Creek November 10, 2017
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