A word commonly used in urban german slang to describe a monster joint that contains a whole lot of very potent weed and leaves you feeling like you got hit by Sauron's mace.
"Man I hope we not smoking a Sauron over there, I have to go to a wedding later."

"Let's roll up a Sauron man, we need something of that caliber to enjoy this whack ass party!"

"What happened to Paul?" "You already know, he smoked one of Dan's infamous Saurons."
by Igor Strawinsky August 17, 2021
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The Dark Lord of Mordor. Forged the Ruling Ring... the Master Ring... the One Ring... TO RULE THEM ALL!!!
(play LOTR theme here)
by Tom January 15, 2004
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The greatest servant of Morgoth, a creation of Aulë, he went over to the darkness, and was corrupted. in the third age he became the Dark lord of Mordor, otherwise known as the Necromancer, and was destroyed when his ring was cast into mount doom. Is to be revived in the battle of Dagor Dagorath.
Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor, once known as Gorthaur the Cruel, taints the land with misery and woe.
by The Noid November 28, 2007
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Sauron was originally a Maia to Aule. (A maia is a lesser god who is subservient to the greater ones)
He eventually went to the service of Morgoth, and became his lieutenant.

Sauron returned and entered Mordor and erected the tower of Barad-Dur. When the Numenoreans challenged him, he went as a prisoner, and eventually became a trusted advisor. The Numenoreans tried to fight the greater gods and they all died.
Once he came back, he slipped back to his old ways. He aided the Elves in making rings of power, and eventually he made the One Ring, or the Ruling Ring.
Later on, Sauron gave some of the rings of power to men, and eventually they fell under the power of the Ring and became the Nazgul.
The words on the ring are: One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

The elves and men formed the "last alliance" and went to fight the hosts of Mordor. They laid siege to Mordor. Then Sauron came and killed quite a few elves and men before killing Gil-Galad and Elendil before Isildur cut the Ring from his finger. Barad-Dur was leveled to the ground, but its foundation was not destroyed, because its power was tied with the ruling Ring.

Sauron hid in Mirkwood, and the wizards came from over the sea to challenge Sauron's power. (The wizards are also lesser gods) Sauron eventually went back to Mordor and rebuilt Barad-Dur.
Eventually, Frodo and Sam threw the Ring into Orodruin, or Mount Doom, and the Ring was destroyed and the power of Sauron was diminished forever.
"Damn yo, this guy has written so much about Sauron I'm ready to gouge my eyeballs out and kill myself"
by LOTR NERD October 21, 2009
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Used to serve Aule but Melkor turned Sauron evil. After Morgoth was sealed away, Sauron became the Dark Lord. Forged the One Ring but eventually was cast into the void like morgoth was when Gollum fell into Orodruin with the Ring.
Skilled Craftsman, Melkor's Chief Servant, Lord of the Rings, Ar-Pharazon's adviser and Necromancer.
by Alterous November 16, 2003
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First a Maia of Aulë, then Melkor's lieutenant, then tyrant of Mordor.
by Korora November 13, 2003
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Possibly one of the greatest villains ever. He is also one of the most original (The LOTR has been around before star wars). He's pretty awesome when he sends a bunch of guys flying through the air. Nice armoured suit too. It's a shame you don't see him very often. No one really knows what his face looks like either.
1)The dark lord of Mordor and the ultimate LOTR's villain

2)Sauron is an 8ft demom with a big ass mace!

3)Creator of the one ring...TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!!

by Paul3 October 16, 2005
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